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The Beginning

I was always interested in miniature objects but it wasn't until I entered UL Lafayette, School of Architecture and Design did I discover I enjoyed making miniature objects. As all first year design students, I started in Architecture which was then followed by the start of Interior Design Studio. I loved creating models of sites and buildings. 


Industrial Design

After a full year of Interior Design Studio, I found myself more interested in the design of the furniture rather than the design of interior space. It was then I switched to Industrial Design while completing a minor in Interior Design. Following my passion for miniatures, I was gravitated toward toy design, and was what I focused my time in Industrial Design on.



After graduation, I decided to enter the tech industry as a User Experience & User Interface Designer. Still wanting to create miniature things, I started working on a Victorian dollhouse I received as a gift. On weekends and holidays I work on the dollhouse. Tackling everything from electrical, laying down real plank floors, and building the furniture that decorates the rooms. Little Structures is the culmination of those spare hours working on miniature things.

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